Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Pelican Lie (Twin Age, 1997)

If you have some spare time this night and you need some well done classical, Genesis-oriented prog rock, this song is for you. It's a 14 minute epic from "Lialim High", the second album by Twin Age, another interesting Swedish band. Yes, it's a Genesis influenced track and you have a bit of "Cinema Show" here and a bit of "Entangled" there, yet "The Pelican Lie" is a fresh and pleasant suite, full of good music and charming changes.

A very good band I certainly recommend to Old Prog fans.

These boys like synphonic and creative rock, they know how to diversify a long song like this one and how to add in it some strong feelings. They're also very clever in alternating themes and instruments, solos and walls of sound. Most of all, they never forget to forge some good melodies and this epic is a perfect specimen of traditional progressive rock revisited with respect and with enthusiasm.

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