Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Parsifal (Pooh, 1973)

This is a two part synphonic epic from the best known melodic rock Italian band, strongly influenced by progressive rock in their early years. The song features a heavy orchestral arrangement in the wake of many other '70s Italian productions. The first part is sung, it features lyrics about Perceval's myth and beautiful, delicate tunes.

Fit for the Dark Ages, they were...

This same theme is exploited during the second section, a fully instrumental one. Here you'll find the main feature of the song: the dialogue between the orcherstra and the outstanding Dodi Battaglia's electric guitar. It's a pure treat, combining the slow and bombastic strings with the very fast guitar performance, something like winds and lightnings put together. I really like this track, one of the most successful orchestra and group tracks in the '70s Italian scene.

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