Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Paradox (Kansas, 1977)

One of the most exciting and enthralling Kansas' tracks, a fast tempo where all the instruments shoot like smoking guns. Take the violin, for example. In the middle instrumental section it runs faster than light. Mr. Walsh sings like a madman and the whole song is like a race against the time. Less than 4 minutes are enough to convince evrybody that Kansas were at their heights in their "Point of Know Return" album.

Kansas discography: a box full of jewels.

The interplays and the choral performance of the band simply struck me down and the folk and prog elements are just as one: images of dusty deserts and urban landscapes flow away before our mind's eye and when such a display of skills finally comes to an end, we're breathless and happy as we had won the Olympic Games. Wow...

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