Friday 1 November 2013

Ur Vilande (Änglagård, 2012)

The long awaited third Änglagård's album, "Viljans Öga", wasn't a disappointment, being as intriguing and deliciously intricated as the previous ones. This opening track, "Ur Vilande", is my favourite one from this CD featuring four long epics. I like it because of its fairy taste, its acoustic and vintage instruments, its beautiful and ethereal themes, but also because of its changes.

We had to wait nearly 20 years to hear some new music from them.
Yes, it was worth waiting.
There are some lunar and delicate sections in this track (especially in the first and last parts), but you'll also find intricate and full-bodied passages and even a psychedelic bridge. The sound, the volume, the tempo and the mood range between the calm and the tempest, the crescendo and the calando, but the whole track is full of the natural, pastoral taste I like so much in Änglagård's music. The suite is instrumental, but we don't need the words to see the magic in it.

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