Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Shadow (Pendragon, 1996)

The first thing I thought when I first listened to this track was: "Wow... what a melody!". And there is actually a splendid theme here, one of those you're obliged to sing along. Then, I appreciated all the rest: the beautiful arrangement, the bridges, the instrumental parts and so on. This song is an excellent specimen of what some reviewers call neo-prog, whatever this word means.

"The Shadow" comes from "The Masquerade Overture" album.

For sure, I like the way Nick Barrett & friends mix easy and even catchy themes with guitar and keyboard solos, tempo changes and other traditionally progressive features. If you know how to manage such a blend, you can do miracles and that's exactly what Pendragon did with "The Shadow"... a musical dream, a colourful trip and a surprisingly modern, almost essential sound. So thank you for the music, my Gloucherstershire friends!

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