Saturday 21 November 2015

The Pope Is Wrong (Paternoster, 1972)

Arcane and solemn, this Austrian band's music has its own characteristics. This track in particular has a krautrock taste, a space rock atmosphere that still interests me. Paternoster released a sole self-named album in their career, full of weird-sounding songs, between pure progressive and experimental electronic rock. "The Pope Is Wrong" features an excellent drumming work and a manifold collection of electronic effects, but also a series of acid sounds that remind me the psychedelia and certain proto-prog bands.

Paternoster released this album as a fivesome.

Something tells me the band could have heavily progressed, but unfortunatelty we just can enjoy their first essay. A last mention goes to the Church organ Franz Wippel played very well (after all, the pope himself is involved in the song title!) and to Heimo Wisser's effective bass lines.

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