Monday, 23 November 2015

My Brother (Ivory, 1980)

Ivory debuted on LP in 1980 with the album "Sad Cypress", a deeply symphonic-oriented work, including this excellent "My Brother". Some passages have a strong Genesis influence, but the sound of the song has its own taste, made of sweet touches and strong contrasts. Suspended between pure prog and a mild experimental trend, between electric waves and acoustic whispers, "My Brother" is worth the attention of all prog fans, like this entire debut LP.

Ivory came back in 1996 with different line-up and style.

You'll find some original instrumental parts, Gabiel-like vocals and of course a lot of keyboards (there were two keyboardists in Ivory's line-up) and tempo changes. This song and this record also are a precious testimony of the very difficult and delicate transition from the classic era of prog rock and the forthcoming neo-progressive renaissance. Another good reason to listen to Ivory, but surely not the only one.

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