Monday, 2 November 2015

Feel The Cold (North Star, 1985)

I read many negative  reviews on North Star's records before listening to them. When I finally did it, I found actually unfair most of those low rates. True, these American boys love Genesis and seldom try to reproduce some of the British masters' sounds. But they also have many original solutions, especially when the drums come in. More than this: they write good melodies and perform them well and with the right amount of passion. 

Line-up: brothers Glenn and Kevin Leonard and Joe Newman.

Songs like this "Feel The Cold", the opener of the band's second album,  is full of real emotions and the '70s aren't a mere standard here: they're more like a Wonderland these three boys explore and their sense of wonder is so deep and sincere that it strucks me each time I listen to them. They love the same music I love and they know how to keep it alive. So why should I complain?

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