Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Mountaneer (Aleph, 1977)

There's a bunch of good bands from the Australian prog scene of the '70s that are rarely found in the sites and books concerning our genre. That could be because of their strongly melodic accents... you know how many intellectual and tricky reviewers love our genre (alas!). Well, as I like good melodies and well played pianos, I also like Aleph, a Sidney-based sixsome that really knew how to write great songs and how to give them an epic and sunny twist.

Unfortunately, the band split up soon after this sole album.

"The Mountaneer" is the 14 minute suite you'll find in the album called "Surface Tension", one of the brightest stars in Oceanian prog sky (IMHO) and the band's only studio work. Not only the different themes are excellent, but they're very well framed in a convincing pattern lining up spacey and prog moments, all as enjoyable as a progfan can desire. Guitars and keyboards come and go, while Joe Walmsey's falsetto voice is simply perfect in this big picture. Try and let me know...

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