Thursday, 12 November 2015

Strayed Again (Gargamel, 2006)

One of the most original ways to the 2000s prog bears the name of Gargamel, a Norwegian band mixing with care old sounds and dark atmospheres. This "Strayed Again" comes from their debut album titled "Watch for The Umbles" and is full of obscure singings à la Peter Hammill, brilliant rythms, claustrophobic passages, urban moods, experimental interplays and - last but not least - a good deal of acoustic instruments.

This debut album featured only five long songs.

Flute and cello,in particular, create intricate and unusual plots and when the track goes free jazz, here come sensitive drums and well played keyboards. So, "Strayed Again" lines up tricky instrumental sections and easier rocky riffs, quiet descriptive music and glorious walls of sound. And even Gentle Giant inspired intro and outro. Uncompromising, that's the word.

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