Monday, 30 November 2015

Origins / Under The Wheel / Mechanical Landscape I (Códice, 1999)

I won't say once again how many just-one-album bands I discovered and apreciated during the years, as you'll find most of them in my blog. Better spend my space here talking of Códice and their beautiful symphonic double CD titled "Alba y Ocaso" ("Dawn and Dusk" in English). It's a remarkable example of classically driven prog rock from Mexico, a Country featuring so many good and underrated bands.

"Alba y Ocaso" spans over some 2 hours of music.

Not only this track has got three titles, but it also belongs to a longer suite called Iconos that isn't listed ont the original CD. Actually, this triple-titled song is Heaven for any progfan: tempo changes, beautiful acoustic sections between electric ones, interesting plots and so on. Last but not least, these musicians know how to play very well. That's why I recommend to your attention the entire album.

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