Friday, 27 November 2015

Muscarin Madness (In The Labyrinth, 2002)

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Lindahl is the brain behind In The Labyrinth, a Swedish folk-prog oriented project that releases fairy and pleasant musical sketches like this "Muscarin Madness", coming from the album "Dryad". So perfectly Swedish, this song also has strong Eastern hints and - as usual with Lindahl - a good deal of different suggestions.

I also like the cover arts of this project's albums.

The sung part is a perfect folk ballad, preceded and enriched here and there by delicate and well played instrumental parts. It sounds like Bo Hansson or like some fairy songs by Jethro Tull, but featuring a perfectly up-to-date sound. This song proves that you can be inspired by ancient and fairy tales and release plain and songs with just a bonus magical atmosphere added. This is In The Labyrinth's secret, I think: sweet but never sweetish, prog but never pomp.

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