Saturday, 14 November 2015

Lady of Dreams (Kitarō 喜多郎, 1992)

I confess this is a song I die for. And fon many reasons. First of all, Kitaro found a sweet, effective melody and on this theme he built up a glorious prog song of 8 minutes featuring all I like: excellent sung sections, long and atmospheric instrumental passages, unpredictable changes. Then he put in such a promising plot Jon Anderson's voice and Kitarō was rewarded with one of the best performances ever by Mr. Yes. Pure magic, IMHO.

This is definitely one of the most prog-influenced albums by Kitaro.

So this is heaven for me: pleasant music, original arrangements, dreamy moods and a good deal of different colours. Not exacly a new age song, as I see it. A special mention goes to Jimmy Hahn's electric guitar adding a further charm to such an enchanting track. Domo arigatou, Mr. Kitaro!

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