Tuesday 24 November 2015

Inter vivos (Quantum, 1983)

Back to Brazilian prog, I recommend you this instrumental track coming from Quantum's also instrumental self-titled debut album, released in 1983. It's a Camel-inspired work with the grace and the melodic charge of its model, but also with an original taste for rich and warm atmospheres. I'm grateful to Road Runner label for their re-issue of such a rare LP, virtually impossible to find outside Brazil.

The LP cover art. The band came back in 1994with !Quantum II".

These musicians surely knew how to change tempo and rythm as you'll see in the central section of "Inter vivos", when a lively giga comes in, adding a Genesis-like touch to the big picture. But likely the most interesting feature of this track is the constant and ever-changing interplay between Fernando Costa's keys and Reynaldo Rana Jr's guitars... that's what I call prog!

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