Friday, 13 November 2015

Primavera de una esquina (Aucán, 1980)

Aucán were a rather short lived band from Argentina. This track, "Primavera de una esquina" (meaning "Spring from A Corner"), comes from the album "Brotes del alba" ("Outbreaks of Dawn") and represents very well their kind of prog. It's a poetic, delicate music, including some acoustic instruments and a good electric guitar, somehow inspired by Mr, Latimer of Camel fame. As this song can prove, the band could also be compared with the mellow side of Italian prog in both musical and litterary sides.

"Brotes del alba" was the second and final LP by Aucán.

You'll also find that such a lyrical piece of music never goes sweetish nor boring: there's an airy and bright mood all along the track preventing any affectation. This perfect mix of sweetness and neatness actually charms me and such a song hardly looks dated today. That's why  I hope you'll enjoy another Argentinian pearl of progressive rock.

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