Tuesday, 17 November 2015

La Bataille du sucre [inclus La Colère des Dieux] (Ange, 1974)

Among the pearls included in the album "Au-delà du delire", this is one of the brightest ones. There's a strong early Crimsonian influence here and even the song title ("The sugar battle" - including "Gods' Anger") refers to the KC's first album tracklist. But, of course, this is Ange and the band's strong personality is everywhere. Let's see: first of all, there are the theatrical, emphatic and everchanging vocals, then the Medieval, traditional French elements in both music and lyrics, and finally the strong contrasts in volume, rythm and mood.

The back cover art is even better than the front one.

The entire song seems to baffle all genre, period and pattern boundaries, going in and out a great deal of clichés, lining up irony, stateliness and intimacy. The lyrics themselves are a weird blend of comic and tragic tones, relating an unlikely lack of sugar and salt in the year 2015. Last but not least, you'll find here a few first-rate melodies and tons of original arrangements. In a word: this is Ang at their best.

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