Friday 6 November 2015

Calatorul prin Nouri (Sfinx, 1978)

"Zalmoxe" by Sfinx is often considered as the best prog album from Romania and actually it's a fascinating and original work. "Calatorul prin Nouri" ("Journey through The Clouds" in English) is the longest track of the LP and features pactically all of the band's trademarks: the good vocal harmonies, an extensive use of electronic keyboards and a pinch of electric guitars. These and a clever songwriting are good enough reasons to discover and enjoy Sfinx.

"Zalmoxe" was the second album by Sfinx out of three.

I also recommend in this track the pulsing background and a decent drum work. Sure, sometimes all those effects are too invasive, but these musicians know when it's time to land on the solid ground of melody. It wasn't so easy, I think, to go proggin' in Romania during the '70s, but Sfinx did it and did it well. Definitely, prog seeds germinate everywhere...

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