Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Elsbereth [Lonely Queen] (Will-O-The-Wisp, 1999)

Will-O-The-Wisp come from Greece, but they sound so celtic, fairy and even proto-prog that you'd imagine them from Dublin or Edimburgh. Well, not at all: from the very heart of Mediterranean Sea, here you are magic and old fashioned keyboards, flutes and dreamy guitars. And also legendary queens, elves and all the little people court. This song comes from the self-titled debut album of the band and reminds me of old British bands like Cressida or Spring, with a thicker and more intricated sound to be honest.

All was made to charm, even the cover art of the album...

This song sounds coherent and sincere in both its inspiration and its arrangement, flowing fluid and sparkling like a mountain stream. Let's say that having listened to them, I understand why they chose to be called after the will o' the wisp. Don't you agree they're bright and unseizable like an ignis fatuus?

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