Saturday, 7 November 2015

Mei (Echolyn, 2002)

More than a concept album, "Mei" is a concept song, as it only includes this very long and undivided suite lasting some 50 minutes. It would be useless to try a description in a few lines, so I better like to express some of the feelings this musical river inspires me. First of all, the seven piece chamber orchestra joining the band in the studio give a classical-but-never-too-much taste to these abundant materials and also empower the arrangements choices, so that this record is even more eclectic than usual (and that's saying something with Echolyn!).

"Mei" was the Sixth full-lenght studio album by Echolyn.

No doubt, the beautiful melodies are another strong point of "Mei" and so are the careful and tasteful changes in tempo and mood, but please don't forget the lyrics. The whole epic is kind of a road song, dealing with a both real and imaginary trip, an everlasting journey on everchanging roads. Something like a surrealistic Kerouac or a realistic Lamb Lies down on Broadway. Well, the inspirations aren't essential: all that matters here is the beauty of such a progressive masterpiece.

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