Wednesday 18 November 2015

Ricochet Part One (Tangerine Dream, 1975)

Following the example of other prog giants of the '70s, Tangerine Dream performed and recorded live an entire LP of unreleased music. That was a two part composition called "Ricochet" and continuing the band's complex, atmospheric and electronic exploration, but with a more intense rythmic work. The first part of the album evolves from a beautiful and somehow arabic theme that provides the returning element of the track and a basic sequence undergoing a stunning series of variations, edits, dismantlements and re-creations.

Ricochet was recorded during August-October 1975 European tour.

Froese, Baumann and Franke offer an exciting and arcane piece of music, criss-crossing irregular rythms, space effects, inner visions and acid touches in such a fascinating song that Ricochet still stands today as a real monument of what someone calls krautrock or quite simply of electronic music. And for once in this blog, I don't need to add IMHO.

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