Saturday, 30 May 2015

Mother (Pink Floyd, 1979)

This song belongs to the darkest side of Roger Water's soul, as most of "The Wall" does, in fact. It's a rather interesting song on the line-up side, 'cause Jeff Porcaro is the guest drummer and producer Bob Ezrin plays the piano and the organ. The song starts on a gloomy mood, then abruptly changes its sombreness into anger and turns out to be one of the most aggressive songs in Pink Floyd's career.

What a mother... what a mother!

Those changes and the deep sorrow inspiring the lyrics always touch me and I feel deeply concerned in Pink's fury and in his utter inadequacy. This is a song I recommend to all those thinking Pink Floyd are cold as ice. That said, the sung theme - Gilmour and Waters both sing it - is excellent, a sweet ballad getting angry and even cruel. The final guitar solo is... simply Gilmour-esque. And that's saying something!

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