Saturday 23 May 2015

Relic of The Modern World (Presto Ballet, 2012)

I like this American band very much. Born as guitarist Kurt Vanderhoof's tribute to prog rock Golden Era, this act soon became popular and a prog people's beloved pet. If you'd like to know why, just listen to this suite, the title track of their 2012 album. You'll surely find a rather heavy rock overture (well, Kurt's mother band was called Metal Church, after all...), then here you are an astonishing journey through Progressive Wonderland, including soft and colourful drops of Genesis, full-bodied harmonies à la Yes and open wide melodies reminiscent of Kansas.

"Relic of The Modern World" was PB's fourth official studio album.

Even so, nothing is trivial here and you'll likely be surprised at each turning point. This epic also has its own coherence, assured by returning themes and well found variations. I can't tell my favourite jewels in such a shining crown, but I surely die for the piano & voice section starting around minute 13:00 and the original mix of Supertramp and Spock's Beard it brings into the suite. And what about the following ballad-like part? A treat. Useless to go on putting music in words: you'd better listen to this and let me know...

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