Monday 1 June 2015

Kali - Demolition And Massacre (Ars Nova, 1996)

This Japanese powerful trio is the female version of ELP and surely was mostly inspired by the British authors of "Tarkus". This track comes from the album "The Goddess of Darkness", a concept based on female divinities all around the world and the eras. This song, of course, is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali and is full of drama and rythmic inventions. The spectacular keyboards played by Kaiko Kumagai - also responsible for all compositions - are perfectly empowered by the rythm section (Kyoko Kanazawa on bass guitar and drummer Akiko Takahashi).

"The Goddess of Darkness" was Ars Nova's third studio album.

If you like highly dynamic prog, fast progressions and irregular rythms, this is for you. Demolition and Massacre are quoted in the sub-title of this instrumental and you'll definitely find them in this series of dark and devilish themes. So this is a piece of advice for you all: don't listen to this if you're faint hearted!

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