Monday 11 May 2015

Shadowplay (Fish, 1991)

This is the opening track of Fish's second solo album, "Internal Exile". It seems to me it features the old days energy of Mr. Derek Dick, a tough performance by the band and also an excellent melody. The keyboards by Simmonds remind me here of Marillion's Mark Kelly, but there's a sharper guitar to top the arrangement. The tempo changes and the atmospheric sections also enrich a song that still stands among my favoutite solo tracks by Fish.

Beautiful cover, isn't it? Scottish pride & Mr. Wilkinson...

The arcane and hypnotic musical loops in the middle section gradually lead to one of the best vocal crescendos Fish performed in his entire career. That's exacly the heartbreaking, moving, inside-out kind of magic he used to set up in his best moments, something he picks up again from time to time and I always expect from his songs. Pure prog energy, pure musical emotions...

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