Tuesday 19 May 2015

Nostradamus (Mikromidas, 2001)

This is a band from Norway, and a very good one, IMHO. Sure, it's another case of vintage prog revival, but when such a task is accomplished with care and good taste it can lead to superb outfits, like the song I'm introducing here. The track itself comes from the album "Brennende Drømmer" ("Burning Dream" in English) and lines up a series of stunning "good old prog" solutions all along its 10 minutes or so. First of all, the Mellotron and assorted keys are great, opening the song and assuring its coherence until the very last second. A very well done work, Mr. Øystein Larsen!

It was the debut album for this Stavanger based band.

Then Halvard Jakobsen's and Ståle Leirtrø's guitars, gracing some of the best passages of the track, always keen and neat. The rest of the band also deserves the listener's attention and a special mention goes to Leirtrø's vocals, ranging from soft tones to high pitches and providing the right amount of emotions in both cases. In short, "Nostradamus" is another excellent choice for old progfans as myself.

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