Monday 4 May 2015

A Story of Mysterious Forest (Ain Soph, 1980)

Nothing like Japan, when it comes to the '80s! Ain Soph are an excellent example of this flushing era of the Rising Sun progressive rock. This is the title track from their debut album: an intricate, fascinating suite featuring 10 sections, all full of descriptive music, suspended atmospheres and magic themes. Jazzy sections follow symphonic parts, the electronic effects add a special touch to the acoustic percussions and to the highly dynamic bass lines.

Ain Soph released four studio albums between 1980 and 1992. 

You won't recognize here a single model: Ain Soph created their own musical world, so delicate and so heartbreaking that you'll be immediately lead away by their soft and deep melodies. Nothing is trivial, nothing is foregone and if Yozox Yamamoto's electric guitar sounds midway between Gilmour and Latimer, it surely  spread its wings to a completely different breeze. Some passages are like crystal gems, and other ones are red velvet flowers. Rhythmic fantasy and melodic skills... that's enough for me.

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