Thursday 28 May 2015

Dissimmetrie (La Torre dell'Alchimista, 2007)

One of the most interesting Italian prog bands born in the late '90s, La Torre dell'Alchimista knows how to write and play good music, obviously inspired by the great classics of their Country, but with a special and modern twist of their own. This "Dissimmetrie", taken from the album "Neo" will prove how dynamic and unpredictable their tracks are, despite the vintage mood it spreads all around. Like this band's  many other songs, this opening track is a short suite and it's divided into two parts.

"Neo" was the second studio album by this band, based in the North of Italy.

Don't expect two clearly divided moments, though, and we'd rather describe this composition as an ever changing one, lining up a slightly dissonant recurring main theme and a series of well found melodies, intricate interplays and - last but not least - an atmospheric finale. Definitely, you can pay respect to prog tradition and be fully creative as well. Thanks for reminding me of  that, alchemist guys!

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