Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ashes of The Time (Vermillion Sands, 1981)

A very original way to neo-prog, this "Ashes of The Time" is. Waving rythms, peaceful largos, asensitrive female voice and a good deal of acoustic instruments, especially 12-string guitars. Somewhere between Ant Phillips and Renaissance, this Japanese act find their own trademark. I really like their taste for good melodies and long, rich instrumental passages. I also think they know how to add true emotions into their aesthetic and smooth music. This peaceful song comes from the album "Water Blue", their debut work.

The cover art and the music inside surely are in tune!

Listen to the slow time sung section towards the end of this song: it's like the enchanted gateway to an inner world. And then a xylophone duets with acoustic guitars... and that's magic! And what about the mandolin closing section? Delicate and moving: what a plain and tasty recipe!The band came back recently with a second album and I hope they'll go on progging.

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