Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tell (Landberk, 1994)

One of the best Swedish bands of the '90s, Landberk were deliciously dark and melancholy. This song comes from the album "One Man Tell's Another" and features all the most remarkable qualities of the act. The keyboard (mostly Mellotron) backgrounds, the sharp and sometimes piercing guitars, the slow motion melodies, the long intro and - last but not least - the pensive vocals and the pulsing and rich bass lines.

This was Landberk's third studio album.

In addiction to all that, this track also includes a well found, catchy, hypnotic recurring theme that goes through a series of vocal and instrumental variations and tends to remain impressed in one's mind. Of course, there is a King Crimson's taste here as usual with Landberk, but their unique, half-progressive half-psychedelic sound can't be underrated nor confused with anything else. You simply can't miss this one, my prog friends!

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