Friday, 29 May 2015

Åtabal-Yémal (Témpano, 1979)

Témpano have a long and successful story in Venezuela and are pretty known and appreciated abroad. They lived many musical lives during their career, exploring different genres, but progressive rock was their first love, as the title song of their debut album proves very well. More than this, their kind of prog was a highly eclectic one, mixing electronic devices, symphonic arrangements and beautiful melodies. It's difficult to label an instrumental piece of music like "Åtabal-Yémal", a lushing series of moods and ideas.

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It surely includes some pleasant synth-pop moments, but it would be unfair to file such a song on the 80s pop music shelf. Too many surprises, unpredictable changes and original sounds enrich this rather long track and single it out as a true progressive fruit. Sure, the period marks are strong, but I daresay "Åtabal-Yémal" keeps today all its charming and dynamic qualities, so that I can recommend it to you as one of the best relics of early Southern American prog.

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