Thursday 7 May 2015

Neonlicht / Neon Lights (Kraftwerk, 1978)

Another melancholy post-industrial track by Kraftwerk I'm adding to this blog. I love the decadent mood of this song, its winding slow time and its passionless, almost indolent vocals. The instrumental section is excellent and perfectly fits into the crepuscular atmosphere of the lyrics iterating: "Neon Lights / Shimmering neon lights / And at the fall of night / This city's made of light".

The original vinyl 12" single was whitish in daylight...

...and phosphorescent green in the dark.

The hypnotic sung theme is supported by a slowly pulsing electronic background, until the synth solo comes in. This song was also released as a single b-side (with "The Model") and lately as a stand alone 12" single. And, of course, a luminous vinyl was employed. If you like retro moods and stylish electronics, well, this is for you.

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