Monday, 25 May 2015

Le Corridor (Harmonium, 1976)

Harmonium are mostly known for their second album, "Si on avait besoin d'une cinquième saison" and you'll find many songs from that Canadian masterpiece in my blog. Nonetheless, there are some more excellent songs in the rest of their discography. The concept double album "L'Heptade", for example, includes this "Le Corridor", featuring the guest vocalist Monique Fauteux, also responsible for many back vocals and harmonies in this album. Her gentle voice perfectly fits with the delicate sound of Harmonium and gives even more sensibility to such a good composition.

"L'Heptade"was the third and final Harmonium's studio work.

The instrumental section is like evening passing clouds, so ethereal and so atmospheric that the listener simply flies away on a magic carpet. Of course, this is not for the solid rock fans, but I think this track - and the whole album at that - are as modern today as they were in 1976, and maybe more. The orchestral coda is light and unobtrusive, fading out with grace and leaving behind a nostalgy aftertaste. In short, if you could do with eight minutes of inner pleasure, this track's for you.

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