Tuesday 5 May 2015

Várni kell (East, 1982)

Hungarian neo-prog heroes East released their second album, called "Hüség" ("Faith") in 1982 and this is likely my favourite song from it. It is titled " Várni kell" ("You Must Wait") and is a very good example of easy progressive pop/rock, including a catchy sung theme and a series of keyboard-driven instrumental parts. The guitar adds its distinctive touch to the big picture and the rest of the band cooperates to build up a very pleasant song.

I also happen to like this cover art very much...

Sure, this isn't for my most adventurous readers, but I'll ever be partial to the groups carrying on more or less prog choices in a difficult era and what's more I don't think such musical efforts were encouraged by the Hungarian political establishment. That said, this song is also well played and well sung by Miklós Zareczky and more than this, there's a well found mix of electronic effects and acoustic instruments. Well done,our Hungarian friends, well done!

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