Friday, 8 May 2015

Sunrise (Apple Pie, 2007)

Here you are a Russian band sounding like Spock's Beard but with their own special mood. Apple Pie's debut album "Crossroads" includes this track, called "Sunrise". I like very much. I know many of you don't like melodic neo-prog, but here you'll find an unusually warm sound, with a good deal of acoustic guitars, a friendly voice and good vocal harmonies too. The electric guitar is likely the best feature of this song, so pleasant and so well played, performing a series of diversified solos. The main theme is also  very good, with a creascendo setting and a well found chorus.

This album features ten fully enjoyable songs. 

The rythm section supports the singer and the guitarist with conviction and without any excess. When the keyboards come in, they add the final touch to the song, starting a delicious interplay with some slightly distorted guitars. I appreciate this song for its pattern too, lining up sweet and aggressive sections, acoustic and electric instruments, so that the listener never gets bored. Well done, actually.

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