Friday 15 May 2015

Axis (Alice, 1970)

There are just a few tracks featuring the essence of the '70s as strongly as this one. "Axis" is the leading track from Alice's self titled debut album, back in 1970. It's a flushing, diversified, warming kind of prog instrumental, with a profusion of organs, guitars and acoustic instruments, including the sax and the flute, a period must, I daresay. The vaguely arabic main riff is catchy and fits into the hippy generation's fancies, while the bass lines are simply exciting.

A funny patchwork cover, isn't it?

A creative drumming and some well found tempo changes finish one of the best French early prog tracks I've ever listened to. Last but not least, enjoy the fake finale followed by a delicate acoustic coda. Really, one couldn't imagine such a great deal of musical tricks in a single 5 minute track! That's the Prog rock, baby!

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