Thursday 21 May 2015

Over The Hill (Van Der Graaf Generator, 2008)

This song, taken from the album "Trisector", was a pleasant surprise to me and still is one of the recurring tracks in my playlists. A genuine, fully developed, essentially prog VDGG's  song, at last! Not that I don't like their experiments, their wide open minded attitude, their unpredictable paths, but... well, when they come back to good ol' prog, to enjoyable melodies and longer, flushing track, I'm simply happy.

"Trisector" was the band's tenth studio album and their second
work after the new century reunion. 

Not only this is a beautiful song, featuring a deep and even catchy theme, but its arrangement is kind of an interplay festival, where all the instruments co-operate in order to create a rather dark and inner musical world, something the entire progressive world tried and imitate, while the band kept on searching new ways. Please listen to Hammill's performance, enjoy the bass lines, taste the vintage keyboards, appeciate the delicate drumming... all is worth a first class rate! When the master comes back home, the whole family celebrates!

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