Sunday, 3 May 2015

Traveller (LiR, 1993)

You'd have many problems if ever you tried to label this Irish band. LiR actually are progressive in their own way, as they collect different musical ingredients and they stir them into a tasty pot. This intro to their debut album is a fascinating down tempo instrumental, starting with an original blurred mix, then getting dreamy and piano driven. There's a strong, intimate mood here, with an excellent choice of keyboard effects, even if the final result is an essential sound, a very intense one at that.

Before this album, the band had released an EP in 1992.
The sudden and unexpected pop-rock coda isn't an absent-minded youtuber's mistake: the band actually added this section there, like a final, surprising trick. That's exactly why they fit into a prog rock blog, IMHO: they never settle for the easiest solution. That's what we progfans do as well... so, welcome home, LiR!

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