Wednesday 13 May 2015

Terra Hidria (Hidria Spacefolk, 2002)

Those Finnish musicians are among the few space-rockers an old progfan like me can fall in love with. Their instrumental tracks aren't only full of arcane, intricate soundscapes - like Ozric Tentacles, for example - but they also happen to mix acoustic and electronic instruments in an almost perfect way. Different cultures, different moods and different tempos are set up in this "Terra Hidria", the opening track of their "Symbiosis" album, to take the shape of an unpredictable and still fully enjoyable piece of music.

"Symbiosis" was Hidria Spacefolk's debut album.

Strange, yes, but never weird. Tricky, yes, but never Beyond the listener's comprehension. The solos and the interplays aren't mere atmospheres, but they build up a true melody before your very ears, a delicate and well structured castle made of dreamy stuff... wait, I think it was the stuff the dreams are made of, wasn't it? Forget all I wrote, guys, and go straight to the music. Simpler that way.

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