Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Apocalipsis (Caja de Pandora, 1991)

This is one of the most joyful and dynamic album opening tracks I've ever listened to. A rythm-based instrumental from Mexico, by a one-CD only band called "Caja de Pandora" that really sounds like opening up a Pandora's musical box! Basically, the track goes through five different phases, despite its scarcely 4 minutes of length: a classical intro, a lively dance, a hypnotic rythm,a guitar solo and finally the first theme reprise.

It took a long time to release this album. The sessions began in 1981,
the CD was issued only in 1991, then in 1997 with bonus tracks.

Nothing completely new, maybe, but surely a well assorted display of latin prog rock, not so far from Spanish and Italian models, even if this one is likely to be a more essential and less intricate piece of music. But you hear the potential in it, the inner energy coming out and running down your spine like a colourful tsunami. This is the sunny side of prog. So Welcome to Mexico, my friends!

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