Sunday 10 May 2015

The Changeling (Aragon, 1992)

Please don't ask me why, but Aragon are one of those those bands that progfans strongly like or dislike. I think they're among the most interesting Australian bands and some of their songs are really, really good. This is the case with "The Changeling", coming from the album "The Meeting". Strongly influenced by Fish-era Marillion, this track has a higly dynamic and intense structure, based on sharp guitars and baroque keyboards, a contrast I especially appreciate.

"The Meeting" was Aragon's second studio album.

Les Dougan's vocals are excellent, as he alternates strong and delicate moods in a convincing way. The melodies are full-bodied, and sometimes catchy. I also like some original touches: a slide guitar, some unusual electronic effects, very well found bass lines and so on. In short, this is an ever changing song, featuring unpredictable passages and - most of all - there's an emotional hardcore in "The Changeling" that gives a special, inner sense to the big picture. So, like it or not, this is prog rock at its best.

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