Wednesday 1 April 2015

Supertwister (Camel, 1974)

Camel's "Supertwister" and its album "Mirage" are all time classics, so that I won't waste my time trying to describe them. I'll just say that this short instrumental - including a slow, winding theme and a lively, vaguely folk dance - could be easily chosen as a prog rock promo. Actually, all is there: nostalgic atmospheres, keyboard progressions, tempo changes, beautiful interplays... and even Andrew Latimer's flute!

Andrew Latimer playing his flute in a '70s show.

What I like above all the rest - here and in many other Camel songs - is the lushing, fluid sound of the band, their way to suggest red sunsets and blue waters, and all that in only 3 minutes... that's why, I presume, I usually listen to this song two or three times in a row. A prog compulsion, I daresay.

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