Friday 17 April 2015

33 Years (Isildurs Bane, 1989)

The story of the French postman Ferdinad Cheval, who decided to build up a castle - the "Ideal Palace", as he called it - using the stones and the rocks he collected during his walks, has always charmed me. In not alone there, as Isildurs Bane recorded an entire album inspired by Cheval's extraordinary project, titled "Cheval - Volonté de rocher" (meaning "Cheval - A Rock Will").

This is the album cover...
...and here you are the Postman's incredible achievement.
This orchestral track including a spoken expanation of the story is called "33 Years", the time Cheval spent building up his fairy castle. The theme is very well found and the orchestra / rock band mix perfectly works. As always with Isildurs Bane, there's a classical arrangement graced by properly prog rock cameos. And a good deal of good taste, too.

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