Saturday 18 April 2015

La herencia de Pablo (Pablo, 1983)

Pablo are one of finest Argentinian prog bands and their debut album called "Pablo el enterrador" (meaning "Pablo The Gravedigger") still stands as a classic today, so that the band is usually known with this debut LP name. The track I'm introducing here, "La herencia de Pablo" (that's to say "Pablo's Heritage") proves how agreeable and well played Pablo's music was. Very similar to Italian prog, this is a clever mix of acoustic instruments, mild electronic keys and vocal harmonies.

Pablo's fans had to wait until 1998 for the band's second album!

This track, in particular, is one of the most joyful and progressive ones in the album, with a constant piano / synth / guitars interplay, going through many fast progressions until the final, glorious guitar solo. The main theme is lively and pleasant, and the rythm section perfectly supports the leading instruments. It's the closing track of the album, an instrumental outro of the concept, based on  Pablo's character. A hidden, warm, passionate and rather naive pearl of Latin prog, if ever there was one.

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