Thursday, 9 April 2015

De futura (Magma, 1976)

This long epic by Magma, taken from the album "Üdü Ẁüdü ", proves how unpredictable and still pleasant their music can be. Yes, Magma aren't always arcane and tricky: this song starts like a sci-fi soundtrack, with a well recognizable  riff, then goes through a jazzy bridge and here you are an ironic and also military choir. When the bells sound, a funky-rock passage comes in and weird vocals play with the bass and the drums to bring back the military and funny theme.

This was Magma's sixth studio album.

Next, an atmospheric interlude including some electronic devices, a slightly distorted accelerating bass line, sci-fi effects again on an incredibly complex rythm, finally a rather heavy rock riff and the closing cymbal-driven section. Strange to say, such a musical mess flows like a river through a variated landscape, and you reach the end of the song in no time, following the rythm section and seeing alien worlds and races with your mind's eye. And this one's played just by the hardcore trio of the band... Weird, but also very, very good. Bravo!

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