Thursday 9 April 2015

Scarescrow (Albion, 1995)

Taken from this Polish band's second album, "Scarescrow" opens the record with a sweet but never sweetish ballad, not so far from Marillion's mid-period ones, featuring the distinctive female vocals of Ania Batko and a well found melody. This is one of those songs between pop and prog, both traditional and modern, including a good, dreamy guitar solo and a big deal of background keyboards.

This album features songs in both English and Polish languages.

It seems to me that such a calm, evocative music requests a great amount of good taste to be put down in notes and words. This is exactly what Albion have, with the welcome addition of an irreproachable technique. So, if you need a short break between two endless, experimental epics, this is what you need. Nothing more and - believe me - definitely nothing less.

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