Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Epilogue (Salem Hill, 1998)

The American prog scene is a very rich and diversified one. Salem Hill, for example, successfully engaged themselves in a rather easy prog rock path (with a pinch of mistery in it) that I like very much. This "Epilogue" is the closing track of a very good concept album called "The Robbery of Murder", originally recorded on cassette in 1995, then re-recorded and revised for the final CD version. It's a good melodic, even symphonic song, in a soundtrack-like glorious way. The theme is so well found and the arrangement so cleverly set up that I was reminded of Alan Parsons Project, but also of Spock's Beard.

"The Robbery of Murder" was Silent Hill's fourth official release.

I like the way the vocals carry on the band's wall of sound and the guitar solo perfectly finishes the work. A light, but also lively and fresh approach to music this is, and a very flushing one. That doesn't mean you'll be overwhelmed by the sound, on the contrary you'll be able to identify and to enjoy each single instrument and each single variation. A wise production and a definite taste are responsible for that. Two more reasons to try this track.

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