Thursday 2 April 2015

Black And White (Sylvan, 2015)

"Home" is a brave album by this well known German band. There's far more introspection and classical inspiration than in their previous releases, but the sound is no doubt modern and even pulsing and scratching. "Black And White" is somehow part of a four song sequence, the very heart of the album, sharing the same inner mood and some recurring musical themes, but also is a stand alone song. An interesting one, IMHO.

"Home" is a concept about rediscovering childhood memories.

It includes a very well written melody, some electronic backgrounds, several acoustic touches and a biting electric guitar. As in the rest of the album, Marco Gluehmann's vocals come from the deepest regions of his soul, sometimes reminding me of Steve Hogarth's sensitiveness, but with Marco's distinctive strength. The highly diversified arrangements and the effective bridges between the different sections grace a song I highly recommend to you all.

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