Monday 13 April 2015

Save Our Land (Vantasma, 2006)

Believe it or not, a growing number of Indonesian bands play prog and even neo-prog. Take this Vantasma, strongly influenced by IQ, Pendragon & friends, but with their own recognizable mix of keyboard progressions and guitar solos. This song is taken from their debut album called "Beyond Fallen Dreams" and is a very well written and performed example of progressive rock. Opik's vocals are strong and rather high-pitched, in the vein of some metal-prog acts when the music gets heavier, but also sensitive and even delicate when the volume gets down.

The Indonesian Progressive Society produced this debut work.

The track is rather long (some 13 minutes) and diversified, and its instrumental sections really are good and highly dynamic. I also like the way these musicians prepare the tempo changes, and their taste for bright largos, something reminding me of Kansas. Vantasma learned their lesson very well and picked up all they needed to bake a fragrant, tasty musical cake ready for my little afternoon prog tea!

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