Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Introducing The Past (Gorgo, 2012)

These Gorgo actually are an interesting band. They come from Ukraine and they play a full-bodied prog rock with folk and electronic elements. This "Introducing The Past" is the instrumental intro of the album "The Clash of Ages" and is full of dynamic solutions. As the album deals with different eras and civilisations of our human race, this overture has a rich, almost festive sound, and many instruments and effects contribute to the big picture.

Gorgo released their second album with Muséa label.

Those who like short and effective prog tracks will find here their cup of tea, and also those who like crossover prog will be satisfied enough. In fact, this track belongs to the sunny side of prog, somewhere between Spock's Beard and Minimum Vital, but with a strongest electronic approach. This joyful track is something I listen to when I need an extra dose of energy. Try it, then let me know if it worked...

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