Monday 6 April 2015

Converging Universes (Now, 1991)

These Belgian musicians released three albums between late '80s and early '90s, and this track, coming from their second work, "Spheres", probably is their best piece of music. It's a 33 minute suite, divided into seven movements, basically a Yes-inspired track, but with an original choice of effects and many beautiful themes, cleverly lined up. The singer Vincent Fis has a warm, light voice and he also plays guitar very well. As usual with Yes-oriented bands, you'll find a good deal of vocal harmonies and bass lines, as well as keyboard fast progressions and church-like organs... and I'm pleased to say everything's well done.

This is by far my favourite album by Now.
I also recommend this song for the mood changes, the spacey interludes and the suggestive interplays. The sound is never too compact and each instrument has its own highlight. Now also add some piano-electric guitar duets I really like and not necessarily included in the Yes canon. So, don't expect weird experiments here, but enjoy prog as it used to be (and maybe should be).

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